Word Games You Can Play for Free

Are you a word nerd? 

Does this description from dictionary.com apply to you? 

“You think about words while you’re dreaming, and you’re constantly on the hunt for new words during the day. You underline new vocabulary in books, you keep a note in your smartphone of new words you heard on a podcast, and your friends are afraid to play against you in Scrabble. 

Maybe you just love to play with language, or to challenge yourself to discover with word puzzles in order to keep your brain agile and alert. 

Whether or not you define yourself as a word nerd, there’s something exciting about stumbling across new word games, especially when they are free. We enjoy having a variety of games at our fingertips—ones that challenge us, make us laugh, or make us think in new ways. 

Here are some of our favorites. 


This web-based international sensation originally developed by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle, started a craze in word games. It is a great way to start your wordy play every morning. Just hope over to the New York Times link for your daily Wordle fix—one word a day to challenge yourself and announce your victories and defeats. While this is not one of the games offered by Super Free Games, we highly recommend it for a daily word fix.  


If you are looking for a game similar to Wordle, that you can play more than once a day, Wordlook is your answer. Like Wordle, this game challenges you to figure out a word with limited guesses and few clues. However, Wordlook is not limited to 5-letter words. It starts easy, and then the challenges become more and more difficult. With 1000+ levels to play, you are guaranteed to come across words befuddle even a logophile (lover of words). 

Word Nut  

If you are a fan of Boggle® meets crossword puzzles download Word Nut. This game provides a series of letters and a crossword grid. You earn nuts by finding all the words in the collection of letters, with bonuses if you find an extra word or two. The game starts easy, and gets more challenging as you go, with 1000+ levels. Add on Leaderboards and you’ve got a fun, competitive game, that will keep you playing with words for as long as you would like.  

Word Collect 

In Word Collect, you again take a bunch of scrambled letters to make words. However, this time there is no crossword grid to give you a hint. All you know is the number of letters for each possible word, listed in alphabetical order. Each of the 2000+ levels gets more and more challenging. How many words can you find? 

Super Daily Crossword  

For those of you who love crossword puzzles, Super Daily Crossword is the easiest way to get free access to challenging puzzles every single day.  Or more than once a day, if you feel like playing more. The game offers daily large and small crossword puzzles. It also gives you easy access to the calendar of crosswords, as well as themed collection packs. There’s an abundance of possibilities to feed your word appetite.  

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