Can You Improve Brain Function with Mobile Games?

We all could use a little brain boost once in a while. Whether you have a senior moment or a brain fart (excuse our French) we all have moments when we forget why we walked into a room, or get distracted mid-sentence.  

The good news is that there are ways to exercise our brains which are fun and easy to access. All you need is to download some brain boosting mobile games, and you can have a daily workout. 

What does science say? 

While there are still more studies to be performed, and the conclusions vary. However, there is evidence “that video gaming can affect the brain and, furthermore, cause changes in many regions of the brain.” (Medical News Today, “How Video Games Affect the Brain” ) 

According to one study, since different genres of games require different skill sets, they affect different parts of the brain. For example, games that include endless running (like Sonic Dash or Super Mario Run) might strengthen alertness, attention, quick thinking, and decision making. Match-3 games, which are not action oriented, focus on problem-solving skills and pattern recognition. 

Other ways in which our brain structures functions are affected by mobile game playing (both positive and negative) include: 

  • It can help with attention, both sustained and selective attention. 
  • Game playing can increase the size and competence of the parts of the brain responsible for visuospatial skills. 
  • Game playing can be addictive.  

Does this mean that mobile game playing can safeguard against memory loss or cognitive disorders? 

Unfortunately, the science is mixed on this: 

Researchers tested whether playing brain-training games enhanced the working memory of players and thus improved other cognitive abilities, including reasoning, memory, and processing speed – a process scientists call “far transfer.” However, this was not the case.” (Medical News Today, “How Video Games Affect the Brain” ) 

To put it another way, tests showed that these skills are enhanced specifically for the necessary moves in a game, but didn’t necessarily transfer into daily life. Alternatively, though, other studies reveal that certain 3-D games have been beneficial on older adults to improve cognitive performance, and some of the adverse effects on the brain cause by aging.  

To Play or Not to Play? 

As you can see, the science hasn’t proven one way or the other if mobile gaming is truly beneficial. At the same time, there are a lot of reasons to play mobile games, as long as you mix it up a little. Don’t rely only on mobile games to increase your cognitive ability—aerobic exercise actually benefits the brain as well. 

Even if they aren’t a miracle cure, there are still great reasons to play mobile games: 

  • They improve your mood. 
  • They help train the brain to some extent—at the very least keeping your brain active.  
  • There are no age restrictions on game play. There are games that can be enjoyed by every age group. 
  • The provide moments of escape, relaxation, and help your well-being. 
  • They help you connect with others. 
  • They are fun. 

Ultimately, scientists may decide that mobile games are important to our brains and our well-being. Time and more studies will tell. Meanwhile, it doesn’t hurt to give your brain a little workout if that’s what you want to do.  

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