Best Relaxing Phone Games

We live hectic lives, and often need to find ways to relax even for just a few minutes at a time. To be honest, some of the anxiety we carry with us is because we are attached to our phones—social media and constant connection can add to our stress. 

However, it’s also possible to use our phones more strategically, as a tool to aid in relaxation rather than add to our stress. This is possible because there are so many games available for download—games designed specifically with relaxation in mind.  

Actually, according to one study, most people who play phone games say that they feel more relaxed when playing. This suggests that pretty much any kind of phone game can help relax you, but that will depend on individual tastes. What relaxes one person may be stressful for another. 

A simple search for relaxing games can lead you to a wide variety of lists from different gamers, including this one created by Pocket Gamer 

So really, the answer the question, “What are the best relaxing phone games?” comes down to—what will help you relax? If you spend your day working with words, maybe you want to try something with colors, or a farming game. If numbers are stressing you out, try playing with words, or coloring.  

Really, there are infinite options.  

Of course, we are here to offer some suggestions. 

Puzzle Games 

Many people find puzzle games relaxing—games that challenge you to problem solve, color match, think logically, recognize patterns, solve sequences or any other kinds of puzzles.  

If you like puzzles try games like:  

  • Sudoku 
  • I Love Hue 

Card Games 

There’s nothing so relaxing as a simple game of Solitaire or Spider Solitaire, or any of the numerous variations out in the gaming world. They help you get into a little mindless fun while still providing a personal challenge.  

Word Games 

Again, there are numerous variations of word games for those who find calm in a little bit of word play. Consider games like: 

Tile Matching Games 

These games are a subset of puzzle games, where you match things together. Some relaxing versions of this include: 

  • Mahjong 

Design Games 

If your idea of relaxing involves playing with color, fabric, and furniture, consider games like Design Home or ReDecor to take you to the land of relaxation. 

Simulation Games 

There seems to be nothing better than getting lost in a world where you are farming, or building a community. If this sounds relaxing to you, consider a game like Stardew Valley—a farming game where you raise crops and look after your animals.  

Games to Bring on the Zen 

There are so many different games intended to bring you into a state of peace. Whether it’s the animation or the music, the mindless action or the storytelling, you can find wondrous games that fulfill all your relaxation needs, often combining things like simulation, design, color, puzzles etc. Try a game like Zen Match (a tile picking game) or Prune for a little touch of minimalism or simplicity in a hectic life.   

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