Is There a Wordle App?

Wordle is king. We get that. It started an international wordplay sensation.

However, there is no Wordle App

Seriously, you can go to the New York Times Wordle website every day to play the day’s Wordle, and we encourage you to do that. 

But once you have done it, what’s next? 

Well, here at Super Free Games, we have a game called Wordlook that allows you to continue guessing words anytime you want. In other words, to quote an old Apple slogan, “we have an app for that.” 

Reasons to Get the App?

Wordle and Wordlook are similar in that they both challenge you to figure out a word with limited guesses and a few clues. When you select a word, you are given color coded clues to help you find the correct letters in the correct order. 

The differences, however, come with the fact that Wordlook is a downloadable app.  This means, that, with a simple free download (or an inexpensive upgrade that allows you an ad-free experience) you can:

Play as often as you would like. Wordlook is not limited to one word a day.

Increase Difficulty as you Play. Wordlook starts out easy, and then gets harder and harder, allowing you to challenge yourself to more difficult words. We are also not limited to 5-letter words.  

Use coins to buy hints. This will help you if you get stuck, but also help you expand your vocabulary as you figure out words based on their definitions. You get coins when you initially sign in, and more coins as you make your way through the game.

Play on or Offline: In order to play Wordle, you have to be online. That’s not true for Wordlook—play anytime, anywhere.

It’s a game for all ages and skill levels. Because it begins with easier words, and then becomes more difficult as you conquer this game, this is an excellent tool for teaching spelling and expanding vocabulary. It can work with young children just beginning to explore the world of written words, or people learning English as a second language. At the same time, the challenge grows for native English speakers.

 In other words, this is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone who loves to play with words.

That’s kind of an amazing app when you think about it. With this one little game, you can: expand your vocabulary; increase your concentration; enhance your memory; and have a little wordplay fun any time you want all day long.

All it Takes is a Simple App—Download Wordlook Today

Word games are good for everyone, and Wordlook provides this brain expanding exercise anytime you would like. Download it today, and join in the fun!

Super Free Games builds, distributes, and operates best-in-class mobile games to be enjoyed by people around the world.  Wordlook is just one of the fun and brain-building word games we have available. 

Go ahead and challenge yourself to today’s daily Wordle. Then, head on over to your app store to download Wordlook for free, and continue your brain-boosting fun!

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