Why You Should Play Word Games More Than Once a Day

If you spend any time on social media, you’ve probably seen the strange phenomenon of people posting images that contain black, yellow, and green boxes. The post often comes with a statement like: 

  • “Wordle was hard today.” 
  • “I solved today’s Wordle in two tries!”
  • Or “Lucky day!” next to a single row of 5 green blocks

That is the global phenomenon known as Wordle.

Here at Super Free Games, we love that people have jumped into the joy of Wordle. It is a great way to challenge yourself. It’s a fun conversation starter, and it proves that we can all play together if we choose.

However, in our opinion, there is one flaw with Wordle—and that’s the fact that you can only play Wordle once a day, unless you gain access to the Wordle archive.

What would you say to a game that’s similar to Wordle but allows you to play more than once a day? Our guess is you will say things like: fabulous, awesome, excellent, magnificent, fun! After all, you enjoy playing with words, don’t you?

The game we’re talking about is called Wordlook, which is similar to the word-guessing aspect of Wordle with the added advantage hints and access to 1000+ levels any time you feel like playing. No more “one and done!”

Why Play More than Once a Day?

Did you know that word games are beneficial for your brain? This is true for both children and adults. The more one plays, the more one benefits. While playing Wordle provides excellent brain benefits, playing only once a day gives you a short boost, while more playing allows for stronger development.

Of course, we’re not saying you should spend your entire day playing Wordlook or any word game. Still, taking breaks throughout the day to play games that strengthen your brain is easy to justify when you think of the benefits!

Here are three of the benefits that come from playing word games like Wordlook:

1. Playing Word Games Daily Increases Concentration

Whether you’re doing a word search, playing Words with Friends, or guessing a word on Wordlook, it takes concentration. The harder it gets, the more concentration it takes, and the more fulfilling it is to get the right answer: 

“. . . who doesn’t need strong concentrating abilities at some point in their lives? Certainly no one. As a result, you may want to try increasing your playing time to sustain an ideal focus and concentration.” (“Why Word Games are Beneficial for Your Brain?” APN News July 18, 2021)


2. Playing Word Games Daily Benefits Your Mental Health

Playing word games can feel like a little break from everything bothering you. They can be relaxing and relieve stress – that’s what games should do, right?

They’re fun and can make you feel happy when you win or succeed. While failure can be frustrating, you really are only competing against yourself, so you build up techniques to get better each time. That also contributes to mental well-being.

3. Playing Word Games Daily Enhances Memory

When you play word games, you activate your hippocampus, the part of the brain that stores both long and short-term memory. For anyone worrying about memory loss, it makes sense to exercise your brain more than once a day with a game like Wordlook.

There are many other benefits to playing word games more than once a day, including building your vocabulary and improving spelling and grammar. (Keep this list handy)

Get Wordlook Today and Play as Often as You Want

Super Free Games builds, distributes, and operates best-in-class mobile games to be enjoyed by people around the world.  Wordlook is just one of the fun and brain-building word games we have available.

Go ahead and challenge yourself to today’s daily Wordle. Then, head on over to your app store to download Wordlook for free, and continue your brain-boosting fun!

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