What’s the Difference Between Wordle and Wordlook?

Are you a lover of words and word games? If you are, you’ve probably played Wordle, or have at least heard about the craze. There’s something fun about challenging yourself to figure out today’s five-letter word (or figuring out word after word in Wordle Unlimited.)

But why just five-letter words? There’s an entire dictionary of words that can be played with and explored. If you play games like Scrabble, sometimes the winning word could consist of three simple letters like “vex” or “qua.”

Here at Super Free Games, we’re not against the five-letter magic of Wordle. We believe there are other ways to play with words that can expand the fun and challenge the brain, including our totally free game called Wordlook.

Similarities Between Wordle and Wordlook

Wordle and Wordlook are similar in that they both challenge you to figure out a word with limited guesses and a few clues. When you select a word, you get color-coded clues to help you put the right letters in the right order.

That’s pretty much where the similarities end. 

Differences Between Wordle and Wordlook

The differences are what makes Wordlook the best free word game for all word nerds of all ages.


Play as often as you would like – online or off.

You can only play Wordle once a day (unless you go into the archives.)

With Wordlook, you can play as much as you want! With over 1000 levels, you can play and expand your vocabulary any time you need a little word game fun – without that countdown timer telling you how long you have to wait until you can play tomorrow’s game.

You can also play Wordlook both on and offline, so you don’t even have to have an internet connection to play with words.

Increase difficulty level as you play.

The difficulty of the Wordle word depends on the randomness of the algorithm that selects the word from a “randomly ordered list of about 2,315 words” – which doesn’t even include all of the five-letter words in the English language. This means that some days will be more challenging than others—and some days, you may never figure it out.

With Wordlook, the more you play, the more challenging it gets. Start with Easy to learn the game, then naturally progress into more challenging words. You’ll be smarter and more relaxed before you even realize it!

Use your coins to unlock hints.

When you first log into Wordlook, you receive 500 free coins. When you get stuck, exchange coins for hints in the form of the word’s definition to keep up your momentum. These hints are also an excellent way to help you expand your vocabulary and exercise your brain differently as you figure out words based on their definitions and letters.

When you win a chapter, you also win bonus coins. You can challenge yourself by not looking at the definition if you want to—but whether you use hints or not, they’re always available in case you get stuck!

Extra weekend word game challenges.

Wordle supplies a single, five-letter word every day. Wordlook gives access to thousands of words whenever you want to play, including weekend challenges which give you more free word games, more free bonus coins, and more fun every week!

Wordlook—An Addiction that’s Good for You

Word games are good for the brain, and Wordlook provides this brain-expanding exercise anytime you would like. Download it today, and join in the fun!

Super Free Games builds, distributes, and operates best-in-class mobile games to be enjoyed by gamers worldwide. Wordlook is just one of our fun and brain-building word games available to play today!

Go ahead and challenge yourself to today’s daily Wordle. Then, head on over to your app store to download Wordlook for free, and continue your brain-boosting fun!

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