What’s the Best Wordle Start Word?

When it comes to choosing a starting word for Wordle, the word that will hopefully help you narrow down your letter choices for the remaining rows, there are a variety of approaches that can get you on track. It really depends on two factors:

  1. Your cognitive profile shows how fast you process information, how many things you can remember at once, and how many words you know.

  2. Your cognitive style takes into account personality tendencies, including:
  • Impulsive vs. Reflective:  If you’re impulsive, you might dive in quickly and not worry about making mistakes. If you’re reflective, you’ll likely be more methodical about making guesses.

  • Logical vs. Divergent: Logical thinkers tend to think in a linear way; divergent thinkers tend to be more free-flowing and non-linear. Divergent thinkers see that there may be many possible answers to a problem. 

Of course, this is just a generalization, and we’re not here to psychologize your wordplay! All this shows is that the best word to start Wordle—or the fun alternative Wordlook that you can play as much as you want—really depends on how you like to play.

However, if you’re looking for some tricks that will guarantee your success, here are some tips that can suit either cognitive style. Try them out in your next games and see what happens!

1. Pick a random word: This is, of course, the most arbitrary way to begin. However, if you like trying new words—go for it. You can even check the strength of your first-word choice if your style is more logical and reflective!

2. Start with vowels. For those who like to find the vowels first (including y,) think of words like: adieu, weary, canoe, audio, Ouija, or equal.

3. The power of Story.  According to this CNET Tik Tok, if you start with adieu and then use the word story, you’ll find your word quickly.

4. Pick a weird word: This may seem the same as picking a random word, but it’s a different strategy. And, it’ll keep you from getting stuck in a word-guessing rut! Sure, you could always start with the same word, but imagine if you start with something unusual like azure, pious, amice, or any of these 100 obscure five-letter words.

5. Don’t repeat letters in your first guess. You want a word that allows you to find or eliminate as many letters as possible. At the same time, remember that duplicate letters may occur in the word. Once you’ve established that a letter exists in the word, it’s easier to think about whether it might appear more than once.

6. Use as many letters as you can in a real word. Other great words to start with include: farts, death, house, or stone.

Do I Need a Start Word for Wordlook?

Here at Super Free Games, we love a good Wordle game with our morning tea. Once we solve it – whether “impressive” or “phew” – we switch to WordLook—the fun, relaxing, word-guessing brain game that you can play more than once a day. As you strengthen your vocabulary and your word detective abilities, you get more difficult challenges.

While the above Wordle start-word tips can apply to Wordlook, we also have one more that doesn’t apply to Wordle:

Look at your letters. Wordlook differs from Wordle in that you don’t have to start with the entire alphabet. While having all 26 letters to choose from adds to the challenge of Wordle, it also means that your guesses are simply guesses—and you can easily guess incorrectly 6 times in a row.

Having a bank of letters to choose from (kind of like Scrabble!) makes the guesswork less random, yet there are still multiple possibilities of words to try.

For example, how many 5-letter words can you find with the following letters?


(Click here to find the answers!

Keep Your Brain Active with Wordlook!

If you like Wordle, we think you’ll like Wordlook. Instead of playing once per day, you have access to 1000+ levels anytime you feel like playing!

Super Free Games builds, distributes, and operates best-in-class mobile games to be enjoyed by word aficionados and mobile game lovers worldwide. Wordlook is just one of the fun and brain-building word games we have available.

Go ahead and challenge yourself to today’s daily Wordle. Then, head to your app store to see what other games your brain might thank you for!

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