Tips and Tricks for Wordlook and Wordle

Word games are fun, especially if you love words. They also can be frustrating sometimes, if you get stuck or feel unlucky.

When it comes to games like Wordle–or the fun alternative Wordlook that allows you to guess words as many times as you would like—success comes down to the word you choose to start with (aptly known as your Start Word.)

Here are some quick tips to help you win every day at Wordle, and then make playing Wordlook even more fun and challenging.

Tips and Tricks for Your Daily Wordle Fix

Start with vowels.

If you like to find your vowels first, start with a word like adieu. Other words that help you find those vowels include weary, canoe, audio, Ouija, or equal.


Think Scientifically.

If you want to take a scientific approach, think about how letters are used in the English language. Some letters appear more frequently than others—a useful thing to know if you also enjoy doing puzzles like cryptograms

The most commonly used letters are e, t, a, i, o, n, s, h, and r.
Using a word like shine, haste, or even story will get you far. (Story also helps because if there is a y, it often comes at the end of a 5-letter word.)


Don’t repeat letters in your first guess.  

You want a word that allows you to find or eliminate as many letters as possible. At the same time, remember that duplicate letters may occur in the word. Once you have established that a letter exists in the word, it’s easier to think about whether it might appear more than once.


Use as many letters as you can in a real word.  

Other great words to start with include: farts, death, house, or stone.


Pay attention to the color-coding.

Word game color coding is there to help you.

If a letter turns up gray, don’t reuse it.
If a letter is green, build words around it, keeping it in that location.

Take your time, there’s no rush. Work things out on paper first if that helps.


Choose a completely new word with each guess.

Perhaps your first guess is completely gray. Frustrating? Perhaps. Yet it helped you eliminate five letters, including possibly a few vowels.

For example, if your gray word is teary then you know to try a word with some combination of i, o, or u in it. By choosing a completely different word, you get to eliminate more letters, and probably discover at least one or two that will help you solve the puzzle

More Word-Finding Fun with Wordlook

Here at Super Free Games, we enjoy a daily Wordle. Once we’ve solved it, though, we go straight to Wordlook—a fun, smart, relaxing, game that you can play as many times as you want!

As you strengthen your vocabulary and your word detective abilities, you get more difficult challenges.

All the tips for Wordle apply, but we also have a few more:

Look at Your Letters

Word Look differs slightly in that you do not have to start with the entire alphabet. While having 26 letters to choose from adds to the challenge of Wordle, it also means that your guesses are simply guesses—and you can easily guess incorrectly 6 times in a row.

Having letters to choose from makes the guesswork slightly less random, and yet there are still multiple possibilities of words to choose fun. For example, how many 3- letter words can you find with the following letters?


Use Your Definition Hints.

When you start playing Wordlook, you receive 500 coins. Playing through each chapter gives you more bonus coins. Use these coins to get hints about the word. If you are trying to expand your vocabulary, these hints will help you remember words using their definition. Learning bonus, hooray!


Minimize ads.

Wordlook has ads so that we can always offer the game for free. We get it, that can be a frustrating thing when you are trying to relax and enjoy. We need these advertisers to keep our games accessible to everyone.

Here are two solutions:
1) Get 400 coins and no ads forever at the low price of $2.99 or
2) Be ad-free for 24 hours by watching 5 videos. 


Get Unlimited Word Game Fun with Wordlook!

There you have it, tips and tricks to help you achieve Wordle glory every day, and also challenge yourself with a fun word game any time you want. Wordlook is similar to Wordle with the advantage of giving you access to 1000+ levels any time you feel like playing.

Super Free Games builds, distributes, and operates best-in-class mobile games to be enjoyed by people around the world.  Wordlook is just one of the fun and brain-building word games we have available.

Go ahead and challenge yourself to today’s daily Wordle. Then, head on over to your app store to download Wordlook for free, and continue your brain-boosting fun!

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