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With over 180 million lifetime installs of its games, Super Free Games entertains fans across the world. With our team spread from San Francisco to Boise to New York to Berlin to Singapore, the Super Free team works to ensure a growing & improving network of great games!

We believe in a flat management model, in which everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher.  We DON’T have a lot of meetings.  We DON’T have an opaque hierarchy.  We DON’T celebrate foolish work hours.  We DO focus on doing excellent work and shipping products.  We DO make decisions as a team.  We DO insist upon work-life balance.

Our games are some of the most beloved in the Word, Trivia, and Puzzle genres, with player ratings of 4.9 stars or better.  We entertain millions of people every day.  We’re profitable and we’re growing quickly. In 2020, we’ll average about 1 new game per month. Most will fail.  Some will succeed.  That’s how we grow.

Our team’s average tenure is longer than 4 years.  All of our departmental leaders have been promoted from within.  We are proud that many people who’ve found success on our team have been castoffs who didn’t fit in at companies with rigid and outdated corporate structures.

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We take our culture very seriously. We’re a business and run like one, but we know that we’re only as good as our staff and in order to be good, our staff needs to be happy & healthy. We have very low churn. We are NOT a bro culture. We are not aggressive and loud. We are a team of dedicated people, cultivating an environment of creativity and mutual respect. And we ship product.

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